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For the best in Yacht entertainment , Yacht audio, Yacht security and Yacht automation systems, Luxury Tech is the place to call. Exceeding clients’ expectations is our #1 priority!


Luxury Tech specializes in yacht-home theater systems, media rooms, video systems, and surround sound systems 

Voice Command Yacht

Luxury Tech has developed a artificial intelligence system that makes your yacht come alive. All you have to do is ask a question and it will do it for you.

Marine Security

We install Security Systems for yachts and homes. Smart Alarm systems and 4k ultra hd cameras so your property is fully protected, 

High End Audio

Luxury Tech installs a variety of Ultra High end audio products, systems and services. Our audio products meet a number of different needs, 

Smart Lighting

We install and service lighting control products that can adjust the lights in your Yacht with just the touch of a button.

Noise Control 

Our Sound Engineers can solve any noise or vibration problem 

Yacht Automation Systems

Home automation allows you to control various aspects of your Yacht from anywhere in the world with just the touch of a button

Internet & Networking

Luxury Tech offers Yacht network installations, Wifi access points, 5g LTE modems, and Nas Servers for unlimited entertainment without using data.


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Luxury Tech's top priority is always being more advanced than our competitors and delivering a premium product on time and at a reasonable cost.


Projects Delivered on time


Satisfied Clients


Latest Tech


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The Luxury Tech team is made up of members that look to the future and learn cutting edge technologies to offer services that no other company can.
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Our IT team program all app's needed on the yachts and automation sequence's.

LT Developers


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Our certified marine electricians are professionally trained, and properly equipped, to complete a wide spectrum of work for your marine application.

LT Electricians

Wiring and Lighting

Team Member

Our Sound Engineers can calculate the best possible configuration for the installation and can also solve unwanted noise. 

LT Sound Engineers

Sound Planning & Noise Control

Team Member

LT Network engineers specialises in the installation and configuration of structured data cabling, and fibre optics . We use the highest quality network routing hardware.

LT Network Designers

Network and Servers


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Our goal is to make life easy for our customers so we developed ways to get the best entertainment and look with a touch of a finger or a simple phrase. We look into the future and make it happen.....

Voice Command LT Ai

We built a system that can control everything in your yacht/home with simple voice commands such as music, heat, lights, curtains, etc.. 

LT Smartphone apps

In case our customers choose to use a tablet or smartphone as there control unit we make user friendly apps for full control.

Ambient Lighting

With our smart lighting your yacht/home can keep its luxury warm white look but with a quick command you can get the party going or relaxing sequences.

What do modern yachts need?

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Modern yachts demands in technology are growing 

5g LTE Internet with a reliable reception and speed

Yacht occupants are getting more and more demanding with large bandwidth internet speeds and reliable network Wifi. 

Having fun in the sun with a high end sound system

Music is important on a yacht for having fun on your vacation .

Entertainment 4k

Home cinemas and movie libraries are needed to sit back and choose from a variety of thousands of movies in any room after a long day in the sun.

Mood Lighting

Lighting is important to have a better experience during your vacation. Either to have a party or even to sit back and have a drink and enjoy the ambient lights changing over the water.

Information Ai

When you visit new places on the yacht you may want to find out more about the place you are visiting so our Ai system will search the web and answer your every question.

Relaxing noise free

In some cases Yachts may have some noise such as generator noise or engine noise. Our noise engineers can reduce that or silence it 100%


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